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5 good reasons for Investing

It is now very easy to invest in a racehorse

5 good reasons for setting off on the adventure:

  • Investing in a racehorse is easy: simply contact us and, depending on your means and your objectives, we will propose a tailor-made investment.
  • Investing in a racehorse is fun and may prove profitable. What could be more exhilarating than to watch your own racehorse on TV or on the racecourse?
  • Investing in a racecourse is affordable, since you can buy only a percentage of the horse.
  • Investing in a racehorse is also a way of supporting the French breeding industry, which needs investors to keep ahead and retain its worldwide reputation of excellence.
  • Investing in a racehorse is a way of diversifying your assets and race winnings are tax free.

Investing in a racecourse is only worthwhile if you are supported by an experienced manager  who will advise you on the choice of trainer, races, jockeys, etc.

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