How many new investors generally take part in a new co-ownership?

Usually two or three. Our regular customers react faster than the new customers, who are not used to answering as quickly as they should.

How do you inform potential investors of the new offers you propose?

Our team posts all the information about an offer on our website, by newsletter and by sms.

Do negotiations for a horse take a long time?

Ready-to-run horses are generally sold very quickly. It is therefore always best to be ready to make a decision rapidly.

What types of horse do you buy?

We buy foals, yearlings and ready-to-run horses.

Do you recommend dedicating your investment to a single horse or sharing it between several horses?

We consider that diversification reduces the risks. It is best to share your budget over three horses rather than just one.

Do your customers receive a return on the investments they make in racehorses?

Financial gains are not the main source of motivation for our customers. They are fully involved in the projects of our team. It would be better to ask them whether they consider that the return is worth the investment. The answer to this question is definitely, “It certainly is”.

What is the average investment for a partnership?

A 20 % share usually amounts to EUR 5000.

How must does a racehorse cost?

From EUR 25 000 to EUR 100 000

How many members are there in a group?

Each group generally has five 20 % shares and can reach a maximum of ten 10 % shares.

How many co-ownerships do you create every year?

Between 40 and 45 co-ownerships per season.

Will I pay more income tax?

Non-participating owners have nothing to declare to the tax authorities, unless they are subject to wealth tax.

What other “advantages” can I expect as an owner?

Owners have a free entrance card to the racecourses. They also receive invitations to various events.

How are the winnings distributed?

The winnings are only paid to the owners. When a horse wins, the winnings are paid to the owner’s account opened in his name at the horserace company. We are not involved in payment of the winnings.

Are the winnings tax-free?

Winnings are tax-free for non-participating owners, in other words owners for which this is not their main activity.

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