Leasing a racehorse

The principle is quite simple: your purchase of a 10 % share in a trotter selected amongst the Haras IDEF yearlings born in 2014 will consist of monthly payments that include both the purchase of your share and the corresponding livery.

Investment example:

  • For a 10 % share of yearlings born in 2015, the monthly payment will amount to EUR 225 incl. VAT
  • For a 20 % share of yearlings born in 2015, the monthly payment will amount to EUR 390 incl. VAT

This sum corresponding to purchase of the share and livery until 31/12/2018, you will become owner and receive the race winnings in proportion to your percentage ownership.

You can purchase several 10 % shares on the same horse or purchase 10 % shares on several horses. You are therefore not required to pay any capital.

The Fs born in 2015 that are available for leasing:





See also: Le magazine de l’élevage: guest Didier Louis (French TV)

We propose the sale of yearlings resulting from careful cross-breeding.

Our brood mares are daughters and grand-daughters of:

Fakir du Vivier, Florestan, Kimberland, Chambon P, Jiosco, Mon Tourbillon, Viking’s Way, And Arifant, Goetmals Wood, Jag de Bellouet, Buvetier d’Aunou, Extreme Aunou.

Fathers of Haras IDEF yearlings:

Carpe Diem, Dahir de Prélong, Echo, Goetmals Wood, Hasting, In Love Whith You, Jam Pridem, Kiwi, L’As de Viretaute, Nice Dream, Nice Love, Nijinski Blue, Oyonnax, Paris Haufor, Pim Quick, Qualypso Jiel (Love You), Ready Cash, Saphir des

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