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We are located in the famous golden triangle of the horse: Just 2 hours away from Paris, the Haras d’IDEF is located in the famous golden triangle of the horse. The Lisieux and Argentan racecourses are only 30 min away, the Caen racecourse 1h15min away.

This is also the guarantee of a good pedigree since 60 % of the best stallions are stabled in this department.

Hosting capacity

The hosting capacity guarantees excellent supervision and great care by passionate owners assisted by a public trainer.

Its horses in racing career

Tiwi DIDEF 1’14″2 – Winnings: EUR 90 420 – Winner at Enghien

Una des Ponnes

Una des Ponnes 1’12″9 – Winnings: EUR 368 010 – Harnessed and ridden winner at Enghien and Vincennes

Vulcain DIDEF

Vulcain D’IDEF 1’14″8 – Winnings: EUR 97 260 – Winner at Vincennes

As well as:


La Tuilerie du Perron, 61310, La Cochère, Lower Normandy, France

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