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Racehorses Didier Louis
Didier Louis’s racehorses transport

Didier Louis’s racehorses are transported by a fleet of latest-generation vehicles providing optimum comfort and safety.

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Our trainers and drivers

To optimise your chances, I work in partnership with top professionals, trainers and drivers, and follow their thoughtful recommendations to guide the career of your horse under the best possible conditions.

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Management of disputes

In addition to the recommendations we may give when you are buying your racehorse, we also provide advice for any problems concerning activities related to horses: Advice, Mediation for all disputes Taxation – Legal aspects Dispute

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Join one of our Clubs

If you are fascinated by breeding, you can play an active role in the selection of your trotters and look for the best possible breeding combinations by becoming a landless breeder. The main characteristic of breeding

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Services provided by the Haras IDEF

We are located in the famous golden triangle of the horse: Just 2 hours away from Paris, the Haras d’IDEF is located in the famous golden triangle of the horse. The Lisieux and Argentan racecourses are

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How to buy a racehorse

Buy a racehorse by mutual consent, with the breeder for yearlings and unqualified horses. Owners wanting sell their horses to reduce their stock and, at the same time, their expenses. Buy a racehorse at auctions, organised mainly by

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