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The Breeders’ club

If you are fascinated by breeding, you can play an active role in the selection of your trotters and look for the best possible breeding combinations by becoming a landless breeder.

The main characteristic of breeding is that it is a long-term process:

  • choice of the brood mare as single owner or 20 % share co-owner
  • choice of the stallion which will sire your brood mare
  • foaling, birth declaration, suckling, weaning, etc.

Location of the Haras

The brood mares, foals and yearlings are based at the Haras IDEF, just 2 hours from Paris in the Orne department, the famous golden triangle of the horse, and therefore the guarantee of a good pedigree since 60 % of the best stallions are stabled in this department.


For breaking-in and training, I cooperate in particular with Michel Donio, Bruno Marie, Ulf Nordin and Romain Le Creps.

Breeder’s premium

The breeder will receive for life a percentage of the winnings obtained by the products of his breeding in competition, in France. Even if he no longer owns the horse, this premium amounts to 12.50 % of the winnings obtained.

My added value

At every stage of your investment, I will be present, I will advise you concerning the choice of the brood mare, the stallion which will sire it, and I will also handle the resale of your yearling if you decide not to keep it.

The Yearlings’ Club

To give as many people as possible a chance to owning a share in a yearling, I offer you  the opportunity to buy a 10 % or 20 % share.

You will then become a member of the “Yearlings’ Club


You can quite simply buy a 10 % or 20 % share of a trotter born in 2012 or 2013, and give full rein to your passion:

  • See your horse regularly at the Haras during organised visits
  • Participate in the life of the group by exchanging your ideas with the breeder and the trainer
  • Take part in the work sessions
  • Follow the breaking-in of the foal, its qualification and races on the racecourses.
  • This system may allow you to see your horse racing without having to invest too much money.

Consult the shares of Yearlings available for sale.

The Ecurie Didier Louis Club

Being a member of the Ecurie Didier Louis Club gives you the opportunity of becoming a shareholder in an SAS stable (French simplified joint stock company) to enjoy the world of racing while sharing the livery and care expenses.

In addition, you optimise the return on investment through the performance of several trotters in racing career, not just one!

Once you are a shareholder, you will become a member of the “Ecurie DL Club


Quite simple: by investing a minimum share of EUR 5000, you become a shareholder in Ecurie Didier Louis SAS.


  • Our horses are trained by top trainers
  • They run all year round on racecourses in Paris and the provinces
  • Meetings between horse enthusiasts will be organised at Vincennes and on the provincial racecourses
  • Visits to the trainers can be organised to attend the work sessions.
The Claimers’ Club


The idea is quite simple: we form groups of 4 or 5 to buy a “Paris” claiming horse.

To limit the risks, this system implies that you accept the idea that the horse could soon run in another claiming race and therefore change owner again. Obviously, if we claim a horse that demonstrates good progress, we keep it longer to enter it in more important races. Wikipedia, claimers.

My added value

Through my contacts with the professionals, I can obtain information concerning the horse’s previous career. I then handle all the administrative formalities.

If you are interested in becoming a Member of one of these Clubs, call me on +33 6 80 71 62 47

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