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Racehorses Didier Louis

Our trainers and drivers

Our trainers and drivers

To optimise your chances, I work in partnership with top professionals, trainers and drivers, and follow their thoughtful recommendations to guide the career of your horse under the best possible conditions.

Our drivers
  • Matthieu Abrivard
  • Jean-Michel Bazire
  • Franck Nivard
  • Eric Raffin
  • Pierre Vercruysse
  • Gabriele Gelormini
  • Ulf Nordin
  • Mathieu Daougabel
  • Gilles Delacourt
  • Tony Le Beller
  • Adrien Lamy
  • Pierre Levesque
  • Christophe Martens
  • Bernard Piton
  • Jos Verbeeck

Need help?

Didier Louis
Call me on +33 1 41 73 79 44

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