Buy a racehorse

But if you want to combine fun with the remote possibility of making money, there are several ways of becoming an owner or co-owner of a racehorse:

Single owner

Sole owner of horses which run under his name and his colours.


Several persons can become co-owners of the same racehorse in association. Operation of the association is governed by the SECF, the horses run under the colours of one of the associates designated as “director” who pays the centralised winnings into an account opened in his name at the SECF.

All the associates must be approved by the SECF commissioners. The SECF proposes association type statutes to a maximum of 10 co-owners. Regular visits are organised to the trainers’ premises to attend the work sessions, so that everyone can share their ideas concerning the development of the racehorse’s career. We meet on the racecourse in a friendly atmosphere to watch the horses run under our colours.

Would you like to become co-owner of a racehorse?

Trotters selected by us are available in 10 % or 20 % shares, including:

Yearlings, born at the Haras D’IDEF and resulting from careful cross-breeding
Horses qualified as ready to run
Horses already in racing career
Average investments per share:

For a 10 % share: between EUR 2000 and EUR 5000  – The price may be higher depending on the horse’s pedigree, quality and performance
For a 20 % share: between EUR 5000 and EUR 8000  – The price may be higher depending on the horse’s pedigree, quality and performance
You will receive the race winnings in proportion to your percentage ownership.
Tax advantage: winnings are tax free for non-participating owners.

There are several ways of becoming an owner or co-owner of a racehorse
By mutual consent

Buy a racehorse by mutual consent, with the breeder for yearlings and unqualified horses. Owners wanting sell their horses to reduce their stock and, at the same time, their expenses.

At auctions

Buy a racehorse at auctions, organised mainly by specialised agencies. The main sales are held for example during the weekend of the Prix d’Amérique, when major stables want to reduce their stock and during the yearling sale sessions.


Claiming races allow purchasers to buy a racehorse at a minimum selling price stipulated in the race conditions. For 15 minutes after the race, all prospective purchasers can make an offer deposited in a claim box. The person making the highest bid buys the horse. The horse owner may also make a bid if he wants to keep his horse.

Advantage : the horses are obviously ready to run and their performance can be observed during the race before making the bids.
Horses concerned: horses not winning as much as expected, having experienced late growth or health issues and reaching maturity at 4 or 5 years old.
Purchase costs: A claiming horse may cost between EUR 10 000 and EUR 30 000. In an association, the 20 % share will vary between EUR 4000 and EUR 7000, and the 10 % share between EUR 2000 and EUR 3500.
Profit: The purchase cost can be quickly recovered, either directly through the winnings, or by the claiming purchase of your horse, or even both, with an excellent chance of making a profit.
Example of capital gain for a Claiming purchase: We will take the example of Quiero, bought during a claiming race by Didier Louis

Bought on 03/08
– € 11 000.00
Livery expenses
– € 2 200.00
Cost price
– € 13 200.00
Race winnings
+ € 28 500.00
Trainer percentage 15.8 %
– € 3 657.70
Driver percentage 5.2 %
– € 1 203.80
Total costs
– € 4 861.50
Claiming resale on 05/05
+ € 28 000.00
Making a profit of EUR 38 438.50 in less than 2 months:
= € 38 438.50
Remember that race winnings are exempt from tax. The Claimers club includes 2 or 4 people to buy a Paris claiming horse. Read more on the Claimers club. No matter how you buy your horse, I place all my know-how and expertise at your service to make you a happy future owner or co-owner.

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